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Layout, FOB, and Kelly icon credit to candyjunky
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cute work on ur journal. UR ICON ROCKS. i love unfabulous! its so cool lol. will you add me pleasE?
Added! ... but i never update *lol*
Am I added?! If Not...Add me!

Duhh! Your added!
Hello this is Justices sister Dawn, & Justice is a loser :-P LOL

*waves* < i need to stop doing that outside of the RPG.. NEways Hi! ill add ya!


11 years ago

add me?
Sure thing!
please add me huge zoey 101, unfabulous, mka, ashlee etc... fan, loadsa love xxx
your added! <3
will you add me?? im a huge zoey 101, unfabulous, jamie lynn, emma roberts, mk nd ashley fan.

<33 kasey
Sure thing love!
hey i tryed to find the starbucks ting you made me on pop_ions and it wasnt there? Add me 4 a friend?
I think a mod deleted the post.. so here it is.. I hope it's alright, it was hard to work with the picture. :) Added you
add me?
Adding you now :)
i just came across your LJ, and you seem really cool
and i love jamie lynn spears too!
i'm going to add you if thats alright, add me back?
♥ Abby
Hey, yeah Jamie Lynn Spears is awesome. Added you! Oh and if thats you in your icon, your really pretty <3 -Brittany


11 years ago

heyh add me? jamie lynn, zoey 101, and BIG alexa nikolas fan here! lol
Added! Alexa Nikolas is awesome! I love her.
Ok? that makes a whole lot of sence.
i realy like yer layout (i <3 zoey 101) lol add me?
Hey Britt, this is Justice,I got a new username. Add me.
For Shore!
Add me? Huge Zoey 101 fan.
Added Darlin!